Seminarian Visit / New Website 10/28/2012

Dear People of God,

While at the convocation of all Diocese of Cleveland priests in Huron earlier this month I was speaking to Father Michael McCandless who you may recall served an internship here at Saint Victor a few years before his ordination to the priesthood.  He is now serving as the vocation director for the diocese and asked me if we would be able to host a seminarian here at the parish for a weekend who would share some reflections on priesthood during mass.

I said, “Of course we would,” and a few days ago I received a call from Tim Roth, a Fourth Theology student, meaning theoretically Tim is on track to be ordained to the priesthood at the Cathedral of Saint John the Evangelist on the third Saturday morning of May, 2013.  I say “theoretically” because the formality of the bishop “calling” a seminarian to orders does not take place until shortly before ordination.

Tim’s home parish is St. Charles in Parma, where he attended grade school.  He attended and graduated from Parma Senior High after which he entered Borromeo College Seminary in Wickliffe, Ohio.  During his junior year of college he spent a semester abroad in Rome, studying at the Urbaniana and living on Borgo Pio by the Vatican.  He received a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from John Carroll University in 2009 and was accepted into the major seminary, Saint Mary Seminary, which is also in Wickliffe.

Tim will be here this weekend, sharing some reflections at each of the masses.  He will stay over at the parish on Saturday evening, and on Sunday morning the two of us will go over and greet the Parish School of Religion and Junior Youth Ministry students.  I am sure that everyone will show him a warm Saint Victor welcome.

In other news, several months ago Brenda Prezenkowski our Lector Coordinator very politely reminded me that the parish website was looking ragged and was due for an update.  I had cobbled together that website many years ago using an old version of Microsoft Word.  I guess many of the links were either broken or out of date.  So, we committed to putting together a new website but being a characteristically thrifty I really did not want to spend any money on it.

So, Karen Napholz our Parish Administrative Assistant did a little research and found a web hosting service that provides domain names and web hosting free of charge for non-profits.  After Karen set it up it took us a little while to get it turned on, but the site just sat there blank for a few months.  Then, two weekends ago, new parishioner Anbu Kuppusamy came up to me and politely said, “Father, you really do need to update your website,” or words to that effect.  He then led me through the steps of setting up a website which I spent most of my free time that week working on.

The final result is a new parish website that is not going to cost us any money.  Please go out to and check it out.  One of the features is a “blog,” or a discussion area.  I will be posting these weekly letters to the blog and then everyone is welcome to comment.  Comment moderation will be turned on to prevent inappropriate content, but for the most part all comments will be permitted.  Please visit the new website and leave a comment.


Allen F. Corrigan, Pastor

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