Anniversary of Vox Clara 2010 Roman Missal Product

This year the Feast of Christ the King marks the end of the first full year of implementing the new translation of the Roman Missal, the 2010 Vox Clara product that was imposed upon the English speaking Catholic world on the First Sunday of Advent, 2011. In the online version of the popular and highly respected magazine “U.S. Catholic” I found a pair of articles providing reviews of the new texts, one from the perspective of parishioners and other from the perspective of priests.

The articles are very easy to find using any search engine, such as Google. Search for the string “parishioners respond new missal” and “priests respond new missal” and you will find links to the articles. I found both of them quite interesting, and I hope you do as well.

I hope no one takes what I am about to write as a criticism, because it is not; it is merely an observation. But in all honesty Dear Parishioners, I have noticed what might be considered a lack of enthusiasm and vigor in many of the spoken and sung responses during our worship throughout the past several months, in contrast to what I would have expected a couple years ago. This could be for a number of reasons, and I would be the first to admit that the fault could be all mine. It is possible that I have not been adequately prepared for and have not implemented the new texts convincingly. Perhaps I have telegraphed a less than welcoming attitude regarding the new prayers, which are as we have seen composed in a new kind of English which is nothing like the language that any of us have read, proclaimed, written or sung prior to one year ago.

All that being said I very respectfully suggest that beginning next weekend when we begin our second time through the new Roman Missal all of us make a bit more of an effort to put our heart into the prayers of the mass. They are what they are, and an improved version is likely to be long in coming. So I kindly invite everyone, including myself, to make more of an effort to accommodate ourselves to the new translation in the year ahead.

One response to “Anniversary of Vox Clara 2010 Roman Missal Product

  1. I appreciate your challenge to reinvigorate your parishioners! Change is difficult to deal with… whether it is sitting in the same seat every Sunday and that day someone else takes it before you get there or hearing prayers in a different way, we are creatures of habit. Vatican II began 50 years ago last month, and I am sure people were confused with the new change to hear the priest in English, let alone his facing the congregation. (I almost cannot fathom a pre-Vatican II world.)

    Yes, the sentences are LONG, the words are confusing, and I miss the spirituality that the previous translation provided. However, I agree that I (we all) need to try harder to take ownership of this new translation and make it our own… to take it into our hearts and souls and connect with it in a deeper, more meaningful way.

    Maybe the new translation, if nothing else, helped us (me) to stop going through the motions, to take a deeper look at the meaning of the Mass and what we (I) put into and take out of it. Even if this means going home and looking up some new words that I have not heard before, I am challenged to do my part to accept and learn from these changes.
    And hey, new words can be fun! Yesterday I was playing Scrabble and I used “BEGOTTEN” to win the game. Now if I can just play “CONSUBSTANTIAL” on a triple word score… then I’ll be happy.