Shopping for Sacred Vessels – Update

UPDATE TO POST:  One of these items has already been dedicated.  When details become available they will be posted here.

The beautiful porcelain communion set that we have been using at Saint Victor Parish was crafted more than thirty years ago by noted liturgical artist Sister Diane Therese Pinchot, OSU.  I was present when Sister Diane (then “Sister Fidelis”) removed the vessels from the kiln after their final glazing.  As they cooled they “sang,” as the fine lines (crazing) which give the pieces a special character formed.

Thirty years of constant use have taken a toll on these items, as as we move toward the Fiftieth Jubilee of Saint Victor Parish the time has come to replace them.  I have been looking around for years for a quality set that could be used and finally came across one at the convocation of priests that took place in Huron a couple weeks ago.  Here is what I found:

If you click on the images you can get a much clearer view.

Here are links to the items from the manufacturers website:

Nine Inch Diameter Open Ciborium  (One needed for weekend masses.)

Sixteen Once, Seven Inch Tall Communion Cup  (Two needed for weekend masses.)

Six Inch Additional Open Ciborium  (Three needed for weekend masses.)

Eight 5/8th Inch Chalice  (One needed for daily mass.)

Seven Inch Open Ciborium  (One needed for daily mass.)

Also needed is a decent “lavabo set,” which is a pitcher and bowl for the priest to wash his hands during the preparation.  This set should be gold plated to match the rest of the items.  We are still researching this.

My classmate, Father John Singler, and friend Father Ron Wearsch reported that a similar set at St. Mary Magdalene in Willowick  is ten years old, and it is still looking great.

These items will be available as memorials.  One item has already been spoken for.  Please let me know if you are interested in learning more.

Fr. C.

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