… everywhere a sign …

Denise Carlos, Theresa Lerner, Karen and Brian Becker, Dave Carlos and I are working on plans for a new sign for Saint Victor Church.   Here are a few of the things we are thinking about, and a few sample sign that are similar to what we have been discussion.  Please leave your comments in the comment area below.

We are thinking about simple design that utilizes brickwork to match the bricks of the church building.  Some sighs that we have seen are actually one piece made of synthetic materials which can look quite real:

The sign above is not constructed from real bricks; it is one solid manufactured piece.

We also saw a sign that was designed using real brickwork, with bricks that matched the church building:

We saw another sign that was even a bit simpler, and it is included here for comparison:

The big issue for us right now is choosing between a fabricated all-in-one sign, in which even the brick columns which have the appearance of bricks are part of a solid molded piece (the first example), or choosing a design made of real bricks (the second and third example).

Presumably the option using real bricks could be more expense and require much more construction.  We will keep everyone informed.  Please make your comments below:

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