Immaculate Conception

Great song for the Immaculate Conception:

Amy Grant: “Breath of Heaven”

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4 responses to “Immaculate Conception

  1. Experimenting with embedding media in the website. This works!

  2. Anbu Kuppusamy

    Great work Father!

    • Thanks, Anbu. Your suggestion to make the website more interactive is still ringing in my ears. I found widgets for commenter notification in Jetpack, which required linking the website to I also read up on our server instructions for backing up, which we were discussing the other day. There is a one-click “backup” button on the server that allows me to do a backup, but it is limited to once a week or something like that. I can also use my CuteFTP client to back up the site locally either to my C: drive or my Passport. Why didn’t I buy the terabyte Passport!