Our Catechumen Reza, Apostles’ Creed, Parish Activities

Congratulations to Reza Samadi who last Sunday morning was formally received into the Order of Catechumens.  Numerous members of our parish community, including Reza’s sponsor John Paulett, his wife Sarah Paulett-Samadi, and members of his family joined me in claiming him for Christ our Savior by marking him on the forehead with the sign of the cross.  It was a very moving ritual.  We look forward to celebrating the Rites of Purification and Enlightenment with Reza during Lent, and of course the celebration of the Sacraments of Initiation at the Easter Vigil, click here to know more.

I noticed something very interesting at the 11:30 AM mass last weekend, which happened to be the mass during which Reza was accepted as a catechumen.  Our participation in the recitation of the Apostles’ Creed was extremely enthusiastic.  I was very inspired by this noticeable degree of improvement in the energy with which we made this statement of our common belief.  I wondered if part of this was the eagerness of the members of the assembly to show their support for Reza as he begins his final months of preparation for baptism.

Also, with respect to the Apostles’ Creed, I would like to thank our Parish Administrative Assistant Karen Napholz for continuing to make as many wallet-sized cards as we need for everyone to take and keep.  Our volunteer Joe Cernanec makes sure there are plenty of cards at the ends of the pews every weekend.  I really love seeing so many people, especially the children and teenagers, get their personal copy of the creed out of their wallet or purse for that part of the mass.  As I mentioned last weekend at 11:30 AM mass, I have also posted a copy of the creed to the parish website, so if you wish you can download the Apostles’ Creed into your smart phone and access it during mass or any other time.

Our Pastoral Associate Laura Peltz and her able assistant Marie McCabe did a wonderful job preparing the Advent Family Workshop which took place last Saturday evening.  Even thought I had a later dinner engagement I had the opportunity to sample some of the fare, and it was wonderful.  Many thanks to all the parishioners, including seniors, who participated.

It’s wonderful to see that Children’s Liturgy of the Word seems to be coming back on line as more parishioners sign up to volunteer.  Our Religious Education Programs Assistant, Sue Heckel, is responsible for CLW setups and volunteer recruitment and training.  Thanks, Sue, for the great job!

Meanwhile I’m happy to report that our recovering Director of Liturgical Music, Eric Coffelt, joined us for 11:30 AM mass last weekend.  Although he has not yet been cleared for active duty he is doing great after his recent heart bypass surgery. It was wonderful seeing Eric looking great.  Eric plans on being able to work with the choir for Midnight Mass.  Meanwhile Scott Mason, a member of the choir and a gifted professional music educator, has been leading choir practices.

Last weekend there was a beehive of activity around the Giving Tree as scores of parishioners took angel labels off the tree and replaced them with golden acorns.  The Christmas gifts that will be placed under the tree will bring great happiness to needy area families.  Thank you to everyone who brings such life to Saint Victor Parish.

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